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GoodPrototyping is a Canadian electronic development and firmware design service

Our passion is to create highly efficient electronic and software solutions that make our customers successful. We have a long history of bringing products to life, valuable experience you can leverage.

Products We Develop



Solutions for business featuring control systems and command processes



Tools for diagnostic engineers offering real time data for tuning and repair



Solutions for the healthcare sector featuring sensor monitoring and reporting



Sensor monitoring and cloud reporting for business


Consumer Devices

Open market products with unique functionality in portable and standalone formats



Solutions for industry or consumers featuring a particular purpose or need

Past Projects

Examples of work we have done

DeviceIO image

DeviceIO IoT Management Service

Automated firmware update and provisioning, sensor telemetry, and more for connected Arduino-compatible devices. Simply add the DeviceIO communication library to your project and manage the device from a web console.

The work has included back end system software development in PHP with responsive web design based on Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). The device communication library was developed in C/C++ for Arduino Core ESP32 or ESP8266 microcontroller IoT platforms.

We invited our customers to help beta test DeviceIO in late fall 2020. After many months of daily use and improvements made, the service was opened to the public in summer 2021. Contact us to discuss your project and device management needs.

Drakefield EBS Brake Caliper Diagnostic Handheld

Drakefield EBS Brake Caliper Diagnostic Handheld

This low-power battery-operated handheld device provides intuitive, guided tuning of EBS brake systems. Used by automotive diagnostic engineers, the device was designed by Drakefield Ltd, and we developed the idea from concept to final product.

Research was conducted on EBS brake caliper potentiometers, and using a user interface concept sketch we developed the firmware to make it real. The tool is sensitive and accurate, a real time diagnostic utility for automotive and heavy industry.

The work featured software and firmware development services in C, coding for Atmel ATMega microcontrollers, custom PCB design, and product manufacturing. We also drew several 1-bit logos and added visual effects to support multiple user interface branding configurations.

Part selection, creating a bill of materials, and preparing gerber files for PCB production came after a first prototype was successfully built and tested on a breadboard. We oversaw manufacturing and assembly of prototypes and revisions, and kept the customer informed on progress and ETA. When assembled PCBs arrived we individually finished them as needed, installed the latest firmware, did final device QA, and shipped the goods ready for use. After shipping we provided customer support to ensure all was well.

This device is available since 2019 and has had several firmware revisions that improve performance and battery life.

Refillable Nespresso capsule holder (in clear white PETG)

Refillable Nepresso Capsule Holder

A compact and practical tray for preparation and storage of refillable coffee capsules designed for Nespresso Original Line machines.

The work included concept design, measuring of capsules and accessories, iteration of 3D design, FDM 3D printing, and much coffee consumption QA.

radio1 Arduino-compatible FM Radio (assembled desktop model)

radio1 FM Radio

Our programmable, Arduino IDE-compatible FM microcontroller development platform.

The work involved creation of controller and mainboard PCBs, C/C++ firmware design, CAD for casing panels, part selection, bill of materials, gerber files, overseeing production, device QA, and customer support.

Stereo Amplifier PCB

Stereo Equalizer PCB

High-fidelity audio equalizer for audiophile applications. Retro through-hole style by customer request. Stable to 1 mV, with full bandwidth to 1 Mhz. Our electronic developer did schematic capture from a 1970s reference, and created a new layout ready for production.

Audiophile full-wave rectifier PCB

Stereo Full-Wave Rectifier

Audiophile noise-free, Hi-Fi audio rectifier. Part choices by customer request. Our in-house PCB designer created a new board based on the customer's schematic.

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radio1 FM stereo assembled

Assembled radio1 FM radio

Board design, prototyping, microcontroller firmware

radio1 blank boards

radio1 blank PCBs

C/C++ firmware, FM radio microcontroller design, PCB design and production

z1 portable Arduino-compatible

z1 portable blanks

C/C++ microcontroller development, PCB design and production

Custom device enclosure

Custom device enclosure

3D design and FDM 3D printing

Custom device enclosure (3D printed)

Printed enclosures

3D development and 3D printing

Customer ad for EBS brake tester

Drakefield EBS brake caliper tester

Shared from customer

Drakefield EBS Brake Caliper Diagnostic Handheld (boot screen)

EBS tester boot screen

C/C++ firmware development on Atmel ATMega microcontrollers, PCB design

Drakefield EBS Brake Caliper Diagnostic Handheld

Drakefield EBS brake tester assembled PCB

Overseeing manufacturing and assembly

Drakefield EBS Brake Caliper Diagnostic Handheld (in QA)

Quality assurance

Finishing of goods, uploading latest firmware, device QA testing

Refillable Nepresso Capsule Holder

Refillable Nepresso capsule holder

3D design

Refillable Nepresso Capsule Holder (3D printed)

Refillable Nepresso capsule holder (3D printed)

3D design

Enclosure system

Flexible device casing

Custom 3D design and TPU 3D printing