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Software Developer and Electronics Prototyping

Develop on top of our embedded platforms / Product developer for hire

z1 Embedded Arduino compatible microcontroller platform

z1 Portable Arduino IDE-compatible Microcontroller Automation Platform

radio1 Embedded Arduino compatible FM microcontroller platform

radio1 FM Stereo Arduino IDE-compatible Microcontroller Automation Platform

Drakefield EBS brake diagnostic tool

Drakefield EBS brake diagnostic tool developed by GoodPrototyping

Custom embedded software consulting for hire

Custom Embedded Software Development and Electronics Consulting For Hire

GoodPrototyping offers open-source embedded microcontroller software development platforms, custom embedded software development for hire, and custom electronic product development services

Core competencies include industrial automation using Atmel microcontrollers, schematics development and pcb design, programming in C/C++, maintaining compatibility with Arduino IDE and workflow, in-house small-run 3D printing using quality Prusa Research equipment, domestic/overseas hardware manufacturing in any quantities, post-manufacturing programming, quality assurance, and technical support.

We are based in Canada and have worked with clients worldwide

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