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Welcome to our software and electronics learning page! We assembled a collection of resources for anyone interested in exploring the world of electronic design, software development, PCB design, and 3D design / 3D printing. Join us on this exciting journey of learning and discovery, and gain the skills and knowledge to pursue your passions with confidence.

Exploration: A Challenge For Kids To Learn Technology Skills

As technology continues to grow, it's becoming easier and more fun for kids to learn about electronics and software. Not only can these skills help them as hobbies or in future careers, but they also promote critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

When children learn how to design and build electronic circuits or write software programs, they are forced to think logically and analytically. They have to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable components and come up with creative solutions to solve them. This type of thinking also carries over to other areas of life, such as problem-solving at school or in personal relationships.

Another benefit of learning electronics and software is the opportunity to use intuition to solve problems that would otherwise require math. Many children find math difficult, but the desire to realise an electronics or software project can inspire them to try harder.

Learning electronics and software can be a fun and rewarding experience for children. They get to see the fruits of their labor come to life, whether it's a functioning electronic device or a software program that they wrote themselves. This can give them a sense of accomplishment and really help build their self-confidence. There are endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in these fields, which can be incredibly exciting for kids who are interested in these arts.

Learning electronics, software development, PCB design, 3D design, and 3D printing can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, it can be a rewarding and exciting journey.

Tools For Learning Electronics

David L. Jones
David Jones is an Australian electrical engineer and the creator of the popular YouTube channel EEVBlog. He is known for his informative and entertaining videos about electronics, testing equipment, and engineering design. Jones has a no-nonsense approach to teaching and has helped thousands of people learn more about electronics through his channel.

EEVBlog (YouTube)

Professor Jim Fiore
Professor Jim Fiore is an electrical engineer and educator who teaches at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a highly regarded expert in the field of electronics, with particular expertise in the design of integrated circuits. Fiore has authored several textbooks on electronics and is known for his engaging teaching style and ability to make complex topics accessible to students.

Learn Electronics (YouTube)
Free Books

Forrest Mims (Radio Shack Electronics)
Forrest Mims is a renowned electronics author and inventor. He has written numerous books on electronics and has been a contributing writer for several popular electronics magazines. Mims is also known for his work as a science communicator, promoting science education and encouraging young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.

103 Projects For Electronics Experimenters
Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects

Engineer's Mini Notebook Series
Solar Cell Projects
Sensor Projects
Communications Projects
Basic Semiconductor Circuits
Op Amp Ic Circuits
Introduction to Transistors & Transistor Projects

Paul Horowitz
Paul Horowitz is a physicist and electrical engineer at Harvard University who is known for his work in electronics and instrumentation design. He co-authored the popular textbook "The Art of Electronics" with Winfield Hill, which has been widely used in electronics courses around the world. Horowitz is also an inventor and has developed a range of scientific instruments for use in research and education.

The Art of Electronics

Paul Scherz
Paul Scherz is an electrical engineer and author who is known for his work in electronics education. He has authored several popular textbooks on electronics, including "Practical Electronics for Inventors". Scherz has a passion for making electronics accessible to students and hobbyists and is known for his clear and engaging writing style.

Practical Electronics For Inventors

Tools For Learning Software Development

MS Visual Studio
PlatformIO for MS Visual Studio Code

Tools For Learning PCB Design

Autodesk Eagle
Altium Designer
Gerbv Gerber Viewer

Tools For Learning 3D Design

Autodesk Fusion 360
Solidworks CAD/CAE

Tools For Learning 3D Printing

Ultimaker Cura
Autodesk Meshmixer