Tools For Electronic Prototyping and 3D Design

Books, video, and software

A collection of learning, teaching, and development tools for easy reference.οΏΌ Ideal for building courses on electronics!

Learning Electronics

David L. Jones

πŸ–₯ EEVBlog (YouTube)
πŸ““ EEVBlog

Professor Jim Fiore

πŸ–₯ Learn Electronics (YouTube)
πŸ““ Free Books

Forrest Mims (Radio Shack Electronics)

πŸ““ Introduction to Transistors & Transistor Projects
πŸ““ Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects
πŸ““ Engineer's Mini Notebook Sensor Projects
πŸ““ Engineer's Mini Notebook Basic Semiconductor Circuits
πŸ““ Engineer's Mini Notebook Communications Projects
πŸ““ Engineer's Mini Notebook Op Amp Ic Circuits

Paul Horowitz

πŸ““ The Art of Electronics

Paul Scherz

πŸ““ Practical Electronics For Inventors

Software Development Tools

πŸ’½ gcc
πŸ’½ MS Visual Studio
πŸ’½ PlatformIO for MS Visual Studio Code
πŸ’½ Arduino IDE

PCB Design Tools

πŸ’½ Altium Designer
πŸ’½ KiCad EDA
πŸ’½ Autodesk Eagle
πŸ’½ Gerbv Gerber Viewer

3D Design Tools

πŸ’½ Autodesk Fusion 360
πŸ’½ Solidworks CAD/CAE
πŸ’½ Tinkercad
πŸ’½ FreeCAD

3D Printing Tools

πŸ’½ PrusaSlicer
πŸ’½ Ultimaker Cura
πŸ’½ Autodesk Meshmixer
πŸ’½ Octoprint