FM stereo development platform

Interface first

Arduino™ IDE compatibility, pll-tuned FM stereo radio receiver, dual audio amplifiers, external controller, timekeeping, b&w composite video output, and more

Video Introduction

Click here to see the GoodPrototyping radio1 Introduction video on YouTube

Main Features

· Atmel ATmega 2560 CPU @ 16Mhz (5V)
· 256KB Flash Memory
· TEA5767 Digital FM stereo receiver
· Retro B&W Composite Video Output
· Dual TDA7052A low-power audio amplifiers
· DS3231 Real Time Clock With Battery Backup
· Analog/Digital External Controller Interface

Additional Features

· Sleep Button
· Speaker Output
· ICSP Programming Port · Hardware Power Switch
· 12 Accessible Analog & Digital I/O Ports including I2C
· Arduino™ IDE compatible


* Schematics, pinouts, technotes
* Library and Toolbox code (C, C++)
* Sample Project (for Arduino™ IDE, C/C++)

Unique Advantages

* Fully programmable high-fidelity FM radio
* External controller conforms to mainboard
* Composite video output, real-time clock
* 1 Year parts & service warranty
* Further customization available
* Ultra-low-power consumption
* RoHs lead-free design

In production since 2015, Revision C5 now available

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