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Custom Software, Firmware, and PCB Design Services

Custom IoT and Electronics Consulting
Custom IoT and Electronics
Custom 3D model design
Custom 3D Model Design
DeviceIO IoT Device Management SaaS

DeviceIO IoT Management

radio1 Embedded Arduino compatible FM microcontroller platform

radio1 Embedded FM Radio PCB

z1 Embedded Arduino compatible microcontroller platform

z1 Embedded Portable PCB

Drakefield EBS brake diagnostic tool
Drakefield EBS Brake Diagnostic Tool

IoT circuit

IoT and Electronics Consulting, Custom Software and Firmware/PCB Design Services

IoT Medical Device

The Internet of Things is transforming how consumers live their lives, how businesses operate, and how governments function. Today, it’s not enough for connected devices to simply connect. IoT projects require management and security, and early action is needed to ensure future compatibility. We make it possible for the IoT devices of the future to be managed and kept up to date, solving real problems. Together with our partners, we’re building the future of connected devices with personalised, automated, efficient solutions that make lives easier, make life better.

We're GoodPrototyping. We make smart devices, and provide services to keep them running.

Ideas developer for hire

We can help you with your big idea! From schematic to prototype, we are are an experienced electronic and software design house. We can design a new product from the ground up, or revise an existing one. If you don't have the budget for an in-house designer, or need to find someone else to take on your software or electronic project, we can help!

GoodPrototyping Summary

We're a small company that loves IoT and electronics, and are always looking to help out new companies and individuals. If you need help with your IoT or electronics projects, we'd love to talk with you. Our mission is to provide quality solutions that meet your immediate and long term needs. Our work is guaranteed! See our consulting page for capabilities, or request a quote and we'll follow up as soon as we can.

GoodPrototyping is based in Canada and has worked with clients worldwide

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