Simple beginnings and a passion for usability


Jory started writing software in 1981 on an 8-bit microcomputer with interests in video games, and later, BBS software.

In the early 1990s he had the good opportunity to work alongside some very talented people, he learned what good code looks like, how to manage it, and how to solve problems when things go wrong. Soon after this time Jory began developing communication software products which led to the creation of a boutique software company that gained international attention. Now, nearly two decades later, his love for electronics development is expanding from a pet project called JDevices to create the electronics prototyping brand you are now visiting,

In 2013 Jory's JDevices project created its first PCB, a dedicated add-on board for the Arduino Mega platform that provided on-board composite video, a real-time clock with battery backup, a programmable external timer, and a facility for making sound. A year later the z1 Platform was born, offering an all-in-one Arduino-IDE-compatible solution that operated exclusively on two or more AA or AAA batteries. Since initial release the z1 Platform has seen three updates, each improving on the last to provide a simple solution for rapidly developing automation systems.

In 2016, JDevices produced the radio1 Platform, an all-in-one Arduino-IDE-compatible solution offering a digital PLL-tuned FM radio with dual audio amplifiers, real-time clock, composite video output, a great external interface featuring analog volume controller, dedicated menu buttons, several status indicators, and also a customizable casing enclosure system to house the device. radio1 has also seen three updates that have upgraded the quality of the audio amplifiers and audio filter circuitry, added additional menu buttons for quick preset navigation, modified casing elements to support larger speakers, and software updates which enhance the experience of programming and using radio1.

Plans for more devices like z1 and radio1 are in the works, and you are invited to call on us for all your prototyping and consulting needs. We intend to be your long-term solution provider.

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