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Drakefield EBS Tester

Test and calibration tool for EBS brake caliper potentiometers

Easily identify and calibrate brake disc and brake pad wear

A portable device for use by diagnostic engineers

Handheld rechargeable diagnostic tool

Most truck and passenger car EBS systems nowadays monitor brake pad wear percentage, and when reaching a pre-set wear value, a warning light on the vehicle dashboard will signal that pads require changing. The Drakefield EBS Tester, which requires no training to operate, displays pad wear percentage of the connected brake, and makes accurate calibration of replacement pads a simple task.

Drakefield EBS Tester live calibration

Main Features

· Intuitive disc brake calibration, no training needed
· Live pad wear percentage meter
· Supports 7 brake caliper types
· Simple one-button operation
· Portable and durable ABS casing
· Battery powered with micro-USB charging port
· Bright OLED display
· Long battery life

Designed by Drakefield Ltd and developed by GoodPrototyping
In production since 2019

Download User Manual v1.0 (PDF)

Drakefield Ltd EBS Tester Usage Step by Step Guide - Commercial Vehicle Workshop