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Custom embedded development

Complete Hardware and Software Solutions

GoodPrototyping offers open-source embedded microcontroller software development platforms, custom embedded software development for hire, and custom electronic design services for:

Software development and electronic design consulting services

Three Decades of Software Development Experience

GoodPrototyping offers proven expertise in firmware and embedded software design, and is a reliable partner for bringing innovative electronic devices to market. If you are looking for a C programmer or software developer for hire we can meet your needs. We are focused on shipping quality products that our customers love.

Technical Skills:

Electronic design and embedded software development

Electronic Design Services

GoodPrototyping provides a complete electronic design services solution from idea to prototyping, fabrication, QA, and delivery.

Technical Skills:

Design services also include delivery of CAD software files for schematics and PCB design layout, bill of materials (BOM), and industry-standard gerber (RS-274X) files for PCB manufacturing.

software development consulting

Tailored Consulting

GoodPrototyping offers Consulting Services in several formats suited for different needs. Whether you are a seasoned expert who needs a helping hand, or a non-technical user seeking assistance with their first electronic or Arduino project, we can help!

Attention To Detail

We have decades of experience in software development and electronic product development. We take pride in good communication, good documentation, and shipping quality performing products. GoodPrototyping Consulting Services are affordable, available on a per-use or contract basis, and we strive to address your needs in a short period of time.

September 2021 Basic Rate

The Basic Service Rate for embedded software and electronics development is $145 USD per hour with 1-hour minimum. This Service is available by prearrangement only.

We are based in Canada and have worked with clients worldwide

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