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IoT and Electronics Consulting in Canada

Custom Software, Firmware, and PCB Design Services

GoodPrototyping is a software and electronics consulting company based in Canada. Designing electronic and web-based products is our passion and specialty. We have extensive experience in designing IoT devices, back-end IoT management systems and SaaS, PCB circuit boards, embedded firmware, electronic sensor circuits, and low power battery-operated devices. Our products feature dependable, efficient, robust, and elegant design considerations.

Custom IoT and Electronics Consulting

We provide outsourced engineering services to startups and established companies, and to individuals requiring assistance with their product development needs. We can help you with software and electronic product development, starting from concept or at any stage of progress. We can also help you to improve, adapt, or optimize your existing IoT, embedded, electronic, or software product. We are especially good at PCB design, software optimization, and at finding and resolving bugs.

Custom IoT and Electronic Design For:

We are passionate about building electronics, web-based products, and the Internet of Things. We are always looking for new opportunities to work with startups and enterprises to design, build, and manage their smart devices, and provide them with services to support their products.

Software development and electronic design consulting services

Four Decades of Software Development Experience

GoodPrototyping offers proven expertise in software, firmware, and embedded software design. We are a reliable partner for bringing innovative electronic devices and services to market. Software, embedded hardware product development, and incubation and support are our specialties. GoodPrototyping is focused on shipping quality products that customers love to use.

Electronic design and embedded software development

PCB Design and Device Design Services

We provide PCB design, board fabrication, assembly, firmware, and QA.

Design services also include delivery of CAD software files for schematics and PCB design layout, bill of materials (BOM), and industry-standard gerber (RS-274X) files for PCB manufacturing.


software development consulting

Tailored Consulting

GoodPrototyping offers Consulting Services in several formats suited for different needs. Whether you are a seasoned expert who needs a helping hand, or a non-technical user seeking assistance with their first electronic or Arduino project, we can help! Work one-on-one with an experienced Arduino/electronics consultant to get you from concept to prototype to production. Build the product you always wanted to build.

Examples of projects we have done

Drakefield EBS Brake Diagnostic Handheld
Battery-operated handheld device providing intuitive guided tuning of EBS brake systems by automotive diagnostic engineers. Designed by Drakefield Ltd, we developed their idea from concept to shipping product.

We did a lot of testing with EBS brake caliper potentiometers, and experimented with a user-interface concept sketch, to create a sensitive, real-time diagnostic tool. The work features well-documented C/C++ firmware development services, custom PCB design, and product manufacturing. We also did custom bitmap editing to support multiple branding configurations, and documented the casing customizations in CAD.

We did PCB part selection, created the bill of materials, and prepared gerber files for manufacturing. We oversaw PCBA manufacturing and assembly of prototypes, and also their shipping revisions. When assembled PCB circuit boards arrive from the manufacturer, we upload the latest firmware, do final device QA, and ship the goods ready for use. After shipping, we work directly with the customer to ensure all runs smoothly.

This automotive diagnostic tool is available since 2019, and has had several firmware revisions that improve performance. See its product page for more details.

Drakefield Handheld EBS Brake Tester Shipping Product
Drakefield Handheld EBS Brake Tester Assembled

radio1 Embedded FM Radio PCB
Our programmable, Arduino-IDE compatible, FM microcontroller development platform. Work includes custom CAD PCB design of controller and mainboard circuit boards, C/C++ firmware design, panels for custom casing design, part selection, part sourcing, building bill of materials and gerber manufacturing documents, overseeing manufacturing of custom circuit boards, device QA, and end-user support. See its product page for more details.

radio1 Embedded FM Radio Assembled Desktop Model

radio1 Embedded FM Radio PCBs

Custom Stereo Equalizer PCB
Noise-free, high-fidelity sound equalizer for audiophile applications. Retro through-hole style by customer request. Stable to 1mV, with full bandwidth to 1Mhz. Work includes custom CAD PCB design of circuit board, we made an entirely new design based on a 1970s schematic.

Custom Stereo Amplifier PCB

Custom Stereo Full-Wave Rectifier PCB
Noise-free, high-fidelity sound rectifier for audiophile applications. Retro through-hole part choices per customer request. Work includes custom CAD PCB design of circuit board, we made an entirely new design based on a 1970s schematic.

Custom Stereo Full-Wave Rectifier PCB

Refillable Nepresso Capsule Holder
Compact and practical storage and preparation of refillable coffee capsules. Work includes iteration of 3D design and FDM 3D printing.

Refillable Nepresso Capsule Holder (Printed in clear white PETG)

Refillable Nepresso Capsule Holder 3D Design

Attention To Detail

We have decades of experience in software development and electronic product development. We take pride in good communication, good documentation, and shipping quality performing products. GoodPrototyping Consulting Services are affordable, available on a per-use or contract basis, and we strive to address your needs in a short period of time. Good communication, good documentation, good products. See more examples of our work, and contact us with your project details for a free quote.

software development consulting

2021 Basic Rate

The basic service rate for IoT and electronics consulting, 3D design, and product development is $145 USD per hour with a 1-hour minimum. This service is available by prearrangement only.

We are based in Canada and have worked with clients worldwide

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